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So many TV on PC softwares being offered on the internet, which one is good? I had trouble choosing the software 2 years ago when I wanted to watch sports online for live. I chose Satellite Direct eventually because it is good and it is compatible with Mac (yeah! I got a Mac.. but it limits my options).

To provide an unbiased review on these TV on PC softwares, I got a group of 7 volunteers to test out the softwares and compiled their feedbacks into the following reviews. I really hope that our Top 3 TV on PC softwares reviews can help you in finding your match. Good luck!


# 1 – Satellite Direct

Satellite DirectSatellite Direct is crowned #1 in our list of the best satellite TV on laptop/PC program. It has been the leading product in the tv on pc industry for over a decade. Due to its popularity, Satellite Direct has expanded its service to Mac users. With its easy-to-use interface, high quality video and sound as well as over 3,500 local and international channels, every user can have a wonderful viewing experience. The software's download speed is fast, you can easily install it and start watching the shows in no time. 


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# 2 – Digital TV on PC

Digital TV on PC is another great satellite TV on laptop/PC program although it is not as popular as the Big Name software- Satellite Direct. It provides more than 3,000 HD channels from over 140 different countries. It has a user friendly interface and a good video and sound quality player. Like Satellite Direct, Digital TV on PC's download speed is fast, you can easily install it and start watching the shows in no time. It also offers the streaming service to Mac users and even Linux users. More importantly, with Digital TV on PC software you can watch TV from your mobile devices. How convenient!


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# 3 – Online TV

Online TVOnline TV is a very popular satellite TV on laptop/PC program. It offers 2,150 TV satellite channels from 120 different countries. Although it doesn't quite match the streaming content of  Satellite Direct (3,500+ channels) and Stream Direct (4,500 channels), Online TV serves the majority of the most popular channels that are streamed in the other two services. Apart from that, the video and sound quality of the channels are excellent. It has also a great navigating menu for users to search for their favorite shows. Same as Stream Direct, Online TV does not offer streaming service to Mac user, please check out Satellite Direct if you are a Mac user. Otherwise, Online TV can be considered a great satellite TV on laptop/PC program with reasonable price (slightly cheaper than the other two).


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